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Remy Ma & Papoose Turn #Freestyle027 Into A BODY With Funk Flex


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Remy Ma & Papoose Turn #Freestyle027 Into A BODY With Funk Flex

You see them on VH1’s LHHNY, you hear them say ‘Black Love’, yes Hip Hop Married Rapper’s, The Queen, Remy Ma, and The Super Lyrical One Papoose…..destroyed these beats!! I have fun each and everytime we do a Freestyle, and I really enjoy watching the new guys get their shot, and know or realize how big of an opportunity it is, so they go…. hard, BUT, I have even MORE fun when it’s some OG’s I have a great relationship with, I KNOW are about to kill it, and they do even better than expected…. And with ease cause it’s what they do…. that was this night!!!

First off, Remy destroyed Nas’ “New York State Of Mind”, I can’t call it for sure but it seemed as she was zoned in on someone in particular, but whomever it was, everyone better watch out for Rem, she’s NOT playing B. Listen to her!!! 2 Grammy Nominations…. Facts!!!

Let me take a solid time out to big up my HOMIE Pap for the shout in a Freestyle!!!! Now back to Paps Bars, over an iconic Brooklyn beat…. Re-TAR-DEAD, but you should know that’s what he does! It wasn’t that long ago someone in the new digital media dissed Pap…. I knew some people saying they were gonna go say hello to that person, maybe not as friendly as all that, I asked em not to, focus on what matters….that happened, my G is WINNING right now, so I’ll say it for him, anyone slept…..FFFFFFFllllluuuuuuukkkkkkkkk U!

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