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Remy Ma Opens Up About Her Experience in Prison


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Remy Ma Opens Up About Her Experience in Prison

In 2014, Remy Ma was released from prison after serving six years for assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion. In the two years since her release, the Bronx-born rapper has reinvested in her career, recently scoring her first Top 40 hit with “All The Way Up.”

Last week, Remy stopped by The Huffington Post‘s “BARS” show to discuss Ava DuVernay’s 13th documentary, mass incarceration, and the difficulties of being a black woman in the prison system. “You try to fill out a job application,” she said. “You try to [apply] for housing. You try to do anything simple as voting you can’t do because of something that you did. So it’s never really like you paid your debt to society. You’re constantly paying for it over and over…The system is designed for you to fail.”

Remy also elaborated on the further challenges of being a black women in the prison system. “People whose husbands forgot about them, boyfriends forgot about them. Friends forgot about them,” she explained. “Their children forgot about them. We just get thrown away and I’m tired of it.” Watch the full interview above.

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